9APPS is the ocean or vast android app store to download and install the thousands of apps, games, live wallpaper, themes, stickers, and updated version Apps in it.

9 Apps is the third app store application that allows users to download the games and apps with a modified version, which is complete free of cost and download from the official site on the phone. 9apps is more accessible, and advantages of the free application with a simple user interface conveniently.

9apps is the android application that is found in the google play store to download and install the application. 9Apps is complete bug-free app store and managed storage free space size file in the android device. 9Apps is complete free of cost in the store to download and install the application like games, wallpapers, photos, themes, and apps in it. 9apps is the Chinese application by UCweb and belongs to Alibaba Group company.

9apps let you download the heavy games and applications in the android phone in the limited size with compatible size and version. You can download personalized apps, games with access to different languages to use it. 9apps is the third largest app store in the android app store in the world with a distribution platform with daily million downloads.


9Apps is the Third largest Android application to download and install the application, games, wallpapers, photos, and updated version on the phone. 9apps helps the smaller and older version smartphones to download the updated themes and wallpapers on the phone. 9apps gives a more secure connection with bugs application on the phone.

9apps helps you download the application directly to the smartphone from the application. 9apps is the service of the secured app to download the quality application in the limited size version. 9apps are improved—the android version in the search results in the application of all categories based on the desired result.



There are several millions of features of 9 apps in the android app store. 9apps has the million of the applications, games, themes, wallpapers, and photos in it. 9 apps provide you security, performance, compatible UI in the application, limited size, and Free of cost. 9apps has more advantages and benefits in the application. Here is the complete information about the 9 apps.

  • 9 Apps have the simple, user-friendly application with various more options and support 7 different with hands-on experience in the gaming knowledge to use it. You will receive the regular updates notifications keep the application is updated with favorite apps very easily.
  • 9Apps has the smaller size comparing with others on the internet. You will have bigger file sizes in the phones up to 10 MB. You can update the file in the storage of the phone, cover the RAM, and make smaller size apps on the phone.
  • 9apps is complete free of cost and download along with the installation of 9 apps on the phone. You don’t need to sign in or sign up for downloading applications and pay the money to useful apps.


  • 9 Apps is complete free to cost with higher performance in the downloading and installation of the application like games, apps, wallpapers, themes, updates on the phone. Your smartphone performance is not compromised on the phone.



  • It is complete safe to use and download the application. 9 apps are efficient in size and use the application on the phone.


You can download and install the application from the internet in various categories such as communication, lifestyle, news, business, food, photography, marketing, sports, beauty and fitness, entertainment, finance, music, weather and dating apps directly from the 9apps store with the internet to the smartphone. Here is the complete information about the 9apps store about the security, file size, resources, and version in it.

Name 9Apps
File size 10.8MB
Version 4.8.1
Official website 9apps.com
Supported Android 4.4 and above, IOS
Downloads and Rating 4 Million and 4.8 stars
Last Updated March 2020


Download 9 apps in the android and IOS application is very easy and efficient. Here are the steps to download the application and install the 9 apps on the smartphone.

  1. Download the 9apps from the official website from the internet through the browser or download the 9 apps from this link.
  2. Please open the file explorer and install the application in it. Open the settings on the phone and choose the security on the smartphone.
  3. Here choose the unknown administrator and allow the file to run the application of the device.
  4. Open the file explorer on the phone and install the application on the phone. You successfully installed the 9 apps in the device.
  5. Open the 9 apps on the phone and download the applications, games, themes, wallpapers, and updated version in it.


9apps is the third largest app store on the internet, downloading and installing the million applications in the single click. 9 apps are the complete safe, secured, faster, and efficient in the size of the application for lower and higher applications in smartphones.

9 apps are safe to download and install with personalized apps on the phone. Your data is not shared with anyone, and favorite are secured in the application. Please share this article on social media and encourage them to download the 9 apps on the phone.

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