ADV Player is a free online video player with available format video player options. This is one of the best App to enjoy watching movies in your mobile. Apart from that, by using ADV player Apk app you can watch several number of videos.

Basically, you get confused why you have to choose this accessible App when we have similar online service in Android? The Answer of this question is quite simple, whereas most of the platforms that can be accessed online are premium platforms. This means that a subscription is required to access those platforms. But you can access content without any restrictions by using ADV player App on smartphones.

If you spend a lot of time for watching videos in your phone then you’ll need ADV PLAYER MOD APK multiplayer. You can also watch movies on this device such as MP4, MPK,3GP and more. Let’s discuss about how to download this App for free from our website.

About ADV Player MOD APK

Now a days most of the smartphone users watching movies in their Android phones instead on watching on big screen. Why because you don’t have as much mobility as you would with a smartphone. Focusing on all these things the developers are finally back with this Application.

There are so many things we can experience in our phones right now. By using these things, you can Communicating via text message, making phone calls, Using Applications, and even watching videos. If you want to watch lot of videos on your phone then you’ll need ADV Player right now.

By using this player, you can also add subtitles by saving files to your hard drive. Not only it is primarily a video player, but it also has many other features that will enhance your viewing experience.

The ADV Player APK doesn’t provide offline video playback services. Here you need libraries yourself. Manual processing can be difficult for some users.

If we see most of the video player applications can support only limited number of popular file formats like MP4, MKV, MOV 3GP, M4V,2K,4K and many more. In this video player you have option that you can easily control the speed of any video and allows you to play it in any way you want, from regular to slower or faster. With this App you can watch number of videos you want on your phone.

By this wonderful App you have complete control over the entertainment services that you can easily access and enjoy. So, let’s use the APP as external video player for watching web videos or movie apps.

Most of the cellphones have in-built standard video player software. However, if you want to watch a lot of videos on your phone, you’ll want this one. Because MAX Labs Studios single program can play any type video and you can also watch it with subtitles and adjustable speed.

Overall, it is a comprehensive media player with a sophisticated features and customization. You can also save your Favorite movies to your phone so that you may view them whenever and wherever you want!

So, let’s talk about those specific features which makes this app more effective and attracts the users towards this online video player.

ADV Player APK Features

  • You can watch several videos with any video format including, MPK,2K,4K, MP4 etc.
  • ADV Player can easily play online video is a feature available with ADV Player.
  • You can control playback speed when you want
  • You can also add subtitles to your saved files
  • Powerful gesture feature, you can promptly change the brightness as you want.

ADV Player APK Key Features

  • It provides free online services.
  • This player includes movies, series, and TV shows.
  • By using this Portal, you can access IPTV channels.
  • In this player users experience endless Entertainment.
  • This application file can be downloaded for free.

Let’s discuss about how to download this App for free from our website.

Download and installation of ADV Video Player

Most important thing about this video player is it doesn’t appear on Google play store; you can always download it from this website. By following below steps, you can easily install this app in Android devices before completing the idea.

  1. Firstly, go to “Unknown Sources” in settings. After that find security and enable the security option.
  2. In Download manager you can find ADV player Apk and hit on that for downloading the app.
  3. Click on that download option.
  4. Then you can see two options on your mobile screen. Here there are two ways to install an operating system and all you have to do is boot it quickly on your Android device.
  5. After that you can found a popup with options on your mobile screen.
  6. After completion of above process, you have to wait until it appears.
  7. Now you just click on “Open” Option after all downloads and installations are completed.
  8. Finally, you can open the screen on your Mobile Device.

There are some profits and consequences by downloading the ADV Player Apk directly. So have a look on that

Profits and Consequences of ADV player Apk


  • Basically, you can download any version of the application directly from the third-party website. So, you can download which you want to enjoy.
  • After downloading you can find Apk file on your memory card of your Android device. So, you can install whenever you want. This is one of major benefit in this App.
  • Here you need not to wait for review process like play store.


  • Basically, downloading apps from other source is not checked by Google. So, it can be harmful to your smartphone.
  • These files may contain virus, it will affect your phone.
  • Your apps can’t be automatically update because it is a third-party website can’t have the access to Google Play Store.
Wrapping up

Today in this article, I tried to cover all your queries about the ADV player Apk App. Now you can download ADV player and enjoy a complete video player. It is a safe source to download the Apk files and enjoy the best features of this video player. If you like to watch series and movies with subtitles in your phone it is the best choice and I hope you understand how to download this app in your Android device. Let’s explore and enjoy your entertainment services through this online video player.