With just a right-click, one of the great things while using a mobile is doing everything you need. By having a business and being around by beautiful girls working for you, most of people dream a lot about being popular. The programme that is based on those kinds of unusual dreams and is very enjoyable to use is Fap CEO mod apk.

The updated and improved version of the original game is Fap CEO Mod apk, and that it’s better obviously than the basic version. So Many people wish to live a fantasy life of owning a company and surrounding themselves with pretty ladies, and such a dreams is fulfilled by this application.

What is the Fap CEO Mod APK?

The latest release of the original game is Fap CEO mod apk, and it has a gameplay of each and every person’s ability. If you want to experience the feeling of running a massive business that is surrounding by gorgeous people, you should play games and you’ll have an opportunity to flirt with them.

For private job, call them to your cabin, and you can start the discussion while using different tricks. You will improve overall your relationship skills with this game. This application has been made by the developers to help you conquer any odd challenge you encounter when dealing with girls.


About Fap CEO Apk:

Fap CEO Nutaku game, you will be the CEO of a profitable business where many glamorous and pretty girls work. So you’re not only able to own the entire business, but you can also flirt with all these lovely girls surrounding you. The game is built very extraordinarily and gives you the ability as you join the gaming to connect with various types of girls. In modern times, even though things have improved a lot, the urge of a guy has remained the same.

When you are lonely and miss living in a world where everything is within your fingertips, play Nutaku Fap CEO game. Gorgeous and pretty girls are the one thing that could draw you the most, built so that you survive with them in the actual world. Developers typically don’t pay much attention to characters who have been locked in many of the games in this genre. FapCEO wiki, however will encourage you to sample your mind’s weird fantasy. You will enjoy this game very much thanks to the unique gameplay and appealing in-game characters.


Information Fap CEO mod apk:

App Name Fap CEO Mod apk
File Size 59 MB
Current version 0.992
Requires Android 5.0+
Developed by Nutaku Games
Latest Updated 1 Nov 2020
Downloads 10M+

How To Download and Install FAP CEO MOD APK?

This article is for someone who has never FAP CEO MOD APK download, so I will share the fastest way to download FAP CEO Cracking APK here. Follow the instructions without wasting everyone’s money and get this cool game on your device.

  • Checking the shared link button below or above first and press on it to go forward.
  • Then, on yet another downloads tab, you can see the download address. FAP CEO MOD should start download on your mobile  later by clicking on the link.
  • Go in to the file system where it would be stored before you have finished the download. Click on the APK file after this process.
  • There is a possibility of making a security popup that makes this installation possible. Just go to settings and enable for unknown sources.
  • Now you’re good to go. Again, click the Fap CEO APK file and install it regularly.
  •   You’re ready to start the game now. To began playing, press on the game symbol.


If you’ve a complete understanding of how different this game is now, look at the unique characteristics that are created with fap CEO mod apk, and you’ll like them.

  • It helps you into becoming the company’s CEO.
  • Gain knowledge how to hire workers and run your corporation.
  • Provides your employee a chance to develop a friendship.
  • Best performance game for mastering new abilities.
  • The visuals used are nice and great in this game.
  • This game’s user experience is very basic, you can’t discover any trouble picking choices for the game and more.
  • And you’ll get the required options on the Fap CEO game’s main screen, simply select and start managing your business.

How To Play

Playing this game is really simple, only following the directions for the game, nothing else. If you are already aware of some simulation title, so you have not encountered any concerns relevant to this game’s gameplay.


Audio Game:

Very first thing I would say is: wearing a headset when playing these games, because the sounds in the game is really cool, because it leaves you feeling nervous, but because it’s a sensitive sound, you shouldn’t listen to so many users cool.

In-game images:

This is a game only for individuals over the age of 18, so there are several sexy pictures in the game that you need to remember before uploading it to your computer.


So all those are the special items that you will be given by FAP CEO mod apk. The modded edition of the FapCEO is always preferable and better than the stock version because it helps you to thoroughly use all features without distracting commercials. The developers release regular updates that will make you appreciate and fully enjoy this game with more characters. Leave a note below if you have concerns or face some trouble when downloading fap CEO mod apk.

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