Lulubox is an app for Android game management that provides many innovative features for games installed on your computer that are compliant with the software. You can adjust the way certain games work using Lulubox. The software functions as a kind of Gameshark, a mechanism used to apply certain cheating secret codes to video games to make gaming more comfortable.

What is Lulubox?

In a smartphone app, LuluBox APK includes weapons skins and character types for free. The software can be downloaded directly for free and allows versions releases higher than 4.4 for Android Devices. The function of the app can be defined as follows: the gamer needs to open the application, acknowledges the terms and conditions and enables it to access the smartphone’s media files. Then within the LuluBox, the application informs the customer to click on Free Fire and pick the “Fashion Skin / Gun Skin” choice, which allows free skins inside the game. Inside the game, without investing any diamonds, the player can make any skin accessible in the shop, the official currency of Battle Royale.


About Lulu Box:

Lulubox is a smartphone device that enhances the features of your games and enables you to handle them in a much more comprehensive manner. In the gameplay of the games, introducing improvements, and modifying rules, the main difference of the app for sure is the sort of modification it supports. Lulubox download is an application that enables features that are often paid for with actual cash in most games. This will undermine the atmosphere and be perceived to be a damaging activity for the group of players. So if you wish to use the application, use it carefully and try and obey each game’s guidelines.

How to Download the Lulubox Apk APP:

For Lulubox, you shouldn’t have to root your computer to work – just downloaded it and installed it on your smartphone and you’re all right to go. 


  • His official website is the perfect location for having to download Lulubox.

  • To access to the download page, you should select on this below link address.

Download Lulubox apk

  •  Tap upon this displayed “Download” link and run the .APK file and then go to the installation setup after it’s done.
  • If required, give the application access privileges – before you see the lines of icons on your device.
  • Note to periodically upgrade Lulubox to newer models – by pressing on the Gear button, you can search for changes in the Configuration menu at the right side of the page.

How to Installing the Lulubox App:

Install process in step by step mentioned in below:

  • The LULUBOX APK application is available for free download either at moment and runs on virtually every Android smartphone and edition, from the older to the newer.
  • That being said, you have to use this application on Android – there have been no versions of Lulubox on the Iphone.
  • For all other hackers applications, this law applies – you won’t be able to discover all of it on the iPhone – if you try to hacking, you need to use an Android device.
  • Before downloading the software, you would need to switch on “unknown sources” – this can be located in the settings.
  • Now you can successfully installed in your device.

Supported Games By LuluBox:

  • Mobile Legends (MOD Skins)
  • Free Fire (MOD All Skins)
  • Archero (MOD Skills)
  • Subway Surfers (MOD Coins)
  • Mini Militia (MOD Auto Aim)
  • Brawl Stars (MOD All Skins)
  • Clash of Clans (MOD Money)
  • Hunter Assassin (MOD Unlocked)
  • (MOD Skins)
  • Arena of Valor (MOD All Skins)

 How can we use Garena Free Fire with Lulubox:

Firstly, make sure that before you run the Lulubox Free Fire app, you already have the game on your tablet.


In the app, select the game’s icon and open it. The results needs to be like this:

  • Downloading the plugins you like – the skins hacking role is Fashion Skin / Weapon Skin – you will be allowed to get certain skins within that game with all of this switched on.
  • Gaming Resources is a small Free Fire “assist feature” that may or may not be required – based on your requirements.
  • Play the games using Lulubox afterwards – you should do this for the modification to really work.
  • In order to trigger the hack, just toggle on the booster… And switching it off if you no longer need it.
  • When hacking, please be vigilant – it is better that you build a new profile for it, since there is still the possibility of being blocked.

Features of Lulubox:

Custom Crosshair:

you can Using baixar Lulubox, you can modify the crosshair models and their colours – an unique crosshair could find things simpler with you in Free Fire to score headshots.

Transfer Assistant with Move:

This might be a feature that allows you access securely to the safe zone – the colour line is the graphical shrink tip, although the length to the safe zone is indeed the number.

Map Pro+:

This functionality will include map statistical data based on actual reports, depicting different hot zones over time so that you can make the right choices in the game. It’s better than being a decent shooter to be more strategic occasionally.

Is the use of Lulubox official:

As per the main website of Garena Fire Fire, fraud or piracy is deemed to become the use of any third-party software or website that is not established by Garena, or the alteration or use of an indirectly influence client. The same is done by Lulubox; the skins are not actual and only available to the players. The use of Lulubox is therefore unlawful and not licensed.


The period to install Lulubox APK for free is now. If you’re playing PUBG MOBILE, Battle of Clans or Mini Militia, show your mates whatever you’ve got. It would also make the gameplay journey easier and more fun than ever with fantastic features built-in. In addition, it is very easy and straightforward to use this programme so that you can get comfortable with the first encounter quickly.

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