Mee-Bhoomi is an entry into land records initiated by Andhra Pradesh’s Revenue Department. It helps guests to explore onshore details, including subtleties of ownership. The blog is a Telugu language website. Digitizing all documents and creating them efficiently accessible to citizens in general is an Andhra Pradesh government practise. Mee Bhoomi makes it possible to acquire encumbrance approval or land records via the entrance technique while enhancing velocity and simplicity.

What is Meebhoomi?

Meebhoomi online Portal is an online registration of land  property records that has been formed in June 2015 by the govt . Of AP. This portal was decided to launch in cooperation with either the Board Of revenue and it was designed to openly start providing plot information. This is a completely online operation where data, such as Adangal Land records, Ror 1B & Rural village Map, also can be made available. Andhra Pradesh Land Records, Tenure, Crop Information, Water Supply, Soil Condition, Area Assessment, Existence of Land Ownership, and Liability are currently given to you by the Meebhoomi portal. It is possible to access Adangal and 1-B (land record files) via the Meebhoomi official site.


How To Download MEE BHOOMI Application For Android:

The maximum of land data accessed on the AP Meebhoomi framework can also be accessed through the Android App too efficiently.

  • Android’s user interface encourages third-party software to be installed. If the app is downloading from Google Play, its installed automated.
  • Various software installers that are stored as APK files that have to be installed individually are also used.
  • Android phones readily identify an APK file. However the configuration of the system must be modified to instal unsourced APK files.
  • Firstly, MeeBhoomi’s Android file is downloaded.


  • Second, system protection settings are changed to allow items from unknown sources to be enabled.
  • The application download menu would then be accessed and the Meebhoomi APK file is chosen to start setting up the installation.
  • The necessary permission configurations for the installation will then be given.
  • A notification is shown until the APK file is completed successfully.
  • Upon this main screen and in the system menu, the Me Bhoomi application icon can then be identified.

How To Download MEE BHOOMI Application For Windows PC:

You’ll find a Meebhoomi Adangal comprehensive step-by-step tutorial below, but I’d like to provide you with a brief rundown of how it operates. All they want is an emulator that emulates an Android computer on your Windows Computer, and now you can load and use apps. You see you’re really enjoying it on Android, so that’s not running on a mobile device, it’s running on a Computer.

  • Using BlueStacks to instal AP Meebhoomi/Adangal:
  1. First of all BlueStacks Download & Install the below link : http:/
  2. Opened the android app: To launch BlueStacks and load the applications, twice click the current apk file. If BlueStacks is not immediately accessed by your apk file, right-click this and pick Open with… Navigate to BlueStacks.
  3. You can often draged the apk file to either the main screen of BlueStacks
  4. It works like a charm:D after installation, just press Run to launch it.
  • Using NoxPlayer to instal AP Meebhoomi/Adangal on a Windows PC:
  1. NoxPlayer Download & Install with the help of below link: http:/
  2. It is quick to carrying out even the installation.
  3. Drag-and-drop the android application to Nox. It will view the File Browser. There under file sign that becomes blue, press the Open XXX Folder icon.
  4. Then you can instal the apk that you only import to Nox through your device or start moving the file to many other Nox places.

How to Checked 1B ONLINE for AP LAND RECORDS:


  • Press on the 1B option in the main menu and instead pick either to import person 1B or Village 1B.
  • Choose documents now such as survey number/account number/Aadhar numbers.
  • Then from a summary, pick the Mandal names and Districts name
  • Pick the name of the city now and again insert the documents number.
  • Enter a sign of verification and then pop it on the grab “agree”
  • Alongside any of the complexities of the 1B, a spring-up notification will emerge.

Meebhoomi functionalities:

  • On-line accessibility to land records is provided by this portal.
  • In the smartphone application, all the functionality can be reached.
  • They are field management book (FMB) and village maps can be viewed on the main site.
  • This website encourages clarity in the method of obtaining encumbrance licences or land papers.
  • Everybody in Andhra Pradesh from every districts can use this website.
  • It is possible to lodge grievances about the land registry on the site.
  • The office bearers and trends are presented with the purpose of any process through SMS.


What is the use of the land portal at Meebhoomi?

All the citizens of Andhra Pradesh are provided with land record information through the Meebhoomi Ap portal.

What knowledge is Adangal supplying?

The Pahani or Adangal offers information such as descriptions of the holder, properties of vegetation, liabilities, land-grown crops, area evaluation, water rate, existence of land ownership, etc.

What details is supplied by 1B?

The meebhoomi 1b paper contains clear facts about the history of landlords and tenants.


It is indeed a great move by the government of Andhra Pradesh to the step  forward march of digitalization to encourage you to search online for land registry while sitting at your house and enjoying their comfort and convenience. The above measures can be easily followed by those who are not tech-savvy and review their land records and make the requisite adjustments where and when needed.

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